“Sandblasting adds a unique and meaningful touch to each memorial.”

Our artisans utilize advanced sandblasting equipment with precision to delicately cut intricate designs, detailed inscriptions, and customized motifs and emblems onto the surface of granite monuments.

At stoneman works we offer various designs of sandblasting including V-Sunk sandblasting, Skin-Cut sandblasting, Coloured sandblasting and more.

All our sandblasting and engraving is done at our domestic warehouse as well as our international facility.

Please explore through our types of sandblast designs below.

V-Sunk in Frosted Panel

V-Sunk in Polish – White Litho

V-Sunk in Polish – No Litho

Polished Edge – Center Sunk No Litho

Polished Outline – Grey Litho

Frosted Outline – No Litho

Skin Cut – Gold Litho

Polished Square Raised – White Hilite

Color Filled Sandblast

Shape Carving

Flat Carving